Training with virtual patients

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Contact us

If you are an educator and would like to use NERVE in your course, please click to request access

If you are a medical student and would like to learn and practice with NERVE, click to try it outEnter a username of your choice.

If you would like more information about NERVE, please email us directly.  We’d love to hear from you.

Human-Computer Interaction:

  • Benjamin Lok, PhD: lok [at] cise [dot] ufl [dot] edu
  • Kyle Johnsen, PhD: kjohnsen [at] uga [dot] edu

Medical Education:

  • Juan Cendan, M.D.: juan [dot] cendan [at] ucf [dot] edu

Instructional Design & Technology

  • Atsusi Hirumi, PhD: atsusi [dot] hirumi [at] ucf [dot] edu

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